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Congratulations on taking the first big step to becoming a genuine video expert.

You’re just moments away from opening the door to a hugely lucrative marketplace, that’s crying out for the top-quality videos that you WILL be providing.

Ready to have money thrown at you? Good. It’s time to start WALKING THE WALK.

But before you lace up your walking boots...


Here’s Some Friendly Advice About Who & What To Avoid On The Road To Video Mastery.

Maybe you’ve even seen them on the message boards and forums. People who talk a good game. People who can tell you all about the effect of different apertures and how to adjust your white balance and the importance of the 'golden ratio'...

They can talk the talk, alright. But when it comes to actually making a killer video? They choke.

Because they’ve never done it. All they’ve done is read about it. They’ve never taken action.

So let me make this clear:

If You Want To Be A Video Master, You Can’t Just Read About The Lights And The Camera. You Need The ACTION

Don’t get me wrong - you need the theory.

Understanding it will massively speed up getting a good result.

But just reading or watching won’t get you over the line. You need to DO what it teaches. Record some video. Practice your editing. Get some results.

You need to walk the walk.

The BEST way is to use what Fade To Black teaches on your own video projects.

Watch one of the videos, then IMMEDIATELY actually do what it showed you. Do this a few times, and you actually change how you think.


You Will Start To Think Like A Pro Videographer Without Even Trying

It might not be ‘I know kung-fu’, but it’s as close as it can be outside Hollywood.

Working on REAL video projects - even if they’re only for your consumption – is the professional choice.

And it’s 1000% better than using your future clients and customers as guinea pigs.

And if you’ve no idea about running your own pro-video project. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

In fact, we’ve got you MORE than covered.


“Walk The Walk” With These 4 Fade to Black Pro-Video Projects

Here’s the deal:

You can talk the talk, or you can walk the walk.

Amateurs talk about it. Pros put on their walking boots.

We’ve prepped 4 real-time pro-video projects, specifically designed to be used alongside your Fade to Black course.

So you can TAKE ACTION and quickly master the skills required as you go.

Better still... cut

These pro-video projects are based on actual existing videos. So you’re able to see how fast you’re progressing, by comparing your new versions to the final edit.

But that’s not all... cut

By the time you’re done making these pro-videos you’ll have all the SKILLS and all the CONFIDENCE needed go out and start shooting, editing, and publishing practically ANY type of marketing video.

Best of all... cut

You’ll be able to produce them to such a professional level, clients will start seeking YOU out.


This is 100% learning by doing.

I’m going to leap out of your computer screen and start creating 4 pro-video projects in real-time, while you watch.

Then you’ll be applying all the new skills you learn in Fade to Black, directly to your 4 pro-video projects.

This is learning at lightspeed. It’s going to crush the learning curve into oblivion in just four rapid action pro-video projects.

You won’t just know what you should be doing and how to do it… you’ll have DONE IT already!

You will have ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY and CONFIDENCE in your ability to provide world class videos to fans, customers, and clients, even if you’ve never shot a video in your life.


Build These 4 Lightspeed Projects With Me And Master Every Essential And Advanced Skill In Fade To Black By The Time You’re Done.


Lightspeed Project #1

“Only Getting Started Trailer”

“Only Getting Started” was originally used by the Viddyoze Animation team to promote a training series.

Recreating this HIGH-IMPACT trailer style video will get you using sharp-cuts, tense-pauses, and clever audio manipulation to create tense, highly emotional, motivational videos with a true cinematic feel.

By the time you’ve finished this project, you’ll know how to create a video that gives your view Goosebumps.


  • Audio and Voice Mastery
  • Cutting, Editing, And Emotional Manipulation
  • Shooting Trailers & Cinematic Themes

Lightspeed Project #2

Story Driven & Documentary Style Videos

The skills required to master a documentary video are perfect for high ticket sales, and longer, slower promotional videos.

You’ll master the art of first person and third person storytelling to build in the kinds of emotional hooks, and big screen wow factor that will keep viewed riveted to the end, and your clients coming back for more.


  • The Art Of Storytelling
  • Hidden Hooks
  • Big Screen Documentary Theme

Lightspeed Project #3

Stock Challenge!

Recreate my infamous stock-challenge video and you’ll know how to build a world class video using nothing but your newly mastered skills and 100% FREE resources.

This in an amazing project.

Not only are you refining your skills and getting a masterclass in producing HIGH-VALUE videos from free assets. By the time you’re done here, you’ll know how to operate with the kind of profit margin other people are unable to contend with.

Plus, it’s a fantastic way to get started fast and cheap!


  • Advanced Post-Processing Tricks
  • Turn Free Stock Into Premium Content
  • Quick Start Video Business

Lightspeed Project #4

“The $100,000+ Sales Video”

You’re going to recreate the exact same Fade to Black video that you just watched. Let me tell you why.

I guarantee that video will generate over $100,000 in sales. That’s not a big call for me. That’s my safe estimate. My videos regularly clear $100,000. Especially, in this niche. And you’re going to recreate it so you can go out and use the same skills to make your own.


  • Six-Figure Sales Video
  • Fade to Blacks’ Secret Sales Techniques
  • Combine Creative Video & Digital Marketing

All Four Lightspeed Pro-Video Projects Come Fully Stocked With Every Critical Resource You Need


Original Project Files

Being able to watch me create a project from scratch is a completely unique learning experience. But simply watching isn’t fool-proof, so we’ve carefully curated each lightspeed project to make sure you can copy my exact moves.

That includes access to the original product files.

You’ll be using my original pre-shot video files, my original stock files, and all the bought and paid for audio clips I’ve used throughout these 4 projects.

Nothing is left to chance.

By the time you’re finished you will have successfully recreated my exact videos in all four projects.

More importantly, you’ll have faithfully mastered my skills, workflow, and final output so you can go out and build your own.


Full Editing Walkthrough

You’re not just getting all of these clips and being told to stitch them together, you’re being shown the best way to do it, and then you’re going to do it until it’s as easy as typing an email.


Personal Clip Settings

Knowing my “clip-settings” and how to create your own is essential when transferring the skills you get from the test projects to your own real-world projects.


Grading Settings

You’ll get my secret sauce settings for creating effective colour gradients in my videos. This ensures you can recreate my Hollywood & Cinematic vibes, (and many other themes) once you’re shooting your own footage.


Lifetime Dashboard

All these resources will live in the dashboard for you to access when you need them. Download them in any format for any editor. I guarantee, you’ll lose files from time to time, but when it happens all you need to do is log into the dashboard and download the original version. Easy!


From Total Novices To Long Time Pros... Everyone Who’s Used Fade to Black ‘Lightspeed’ Has Been Blown Away


Tom Ness

To be blunt here, this guy just cranks out products on another level. The delivery and production behind the content itself is something you’d expect out of a $1k+ course. This is clearly the best video creation course, period.


Andy Moore

I don’t know anyone who can teach you video techniques like Joey Xoto. His remarkable skills have taught me powerful tips and tricks that have given me proven results. When it comes to video, Joey is a true Jedi master.


George Burroughs

When it comes to video, nobody is a better teacher than Joey. I’ve been through all his courses and they were top notch. His “step by step” teaching style was perfect for me, and will be for you. Highly recommended.


Darrin Chappell

If you are going to use video for your marketing campaigns, AND YOU BETTER! No matter what kind of product or market you’re in... There is no better person to learn from, and LEARN THE RIGHT WAY, Joey Xoto is hands down the very best to teach you. I’ve purchased every product Joey has made, and I’ve learned a great deal from each one.

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Listen: You already have Fade to Black, so whatever you choose to do now, at some point you’re going to have to start applying what you learn.

These 4 Lightspeed Projects are the best way to do that.

Each pro-video project covers a different aspect of video production and is specially created to sync up with your Fade to Black course.

So you can quickly and easily master the specific skill sets you’re learning WHILE you’re learning them. Plus, you’re getting the whole process recorded because seeing end results in advance, gives you something concrete to aim towards and measure your success by.


If you’re dead-set serious about walking the walk, (and you’ve already invested in Fade to Black so I can only imagine you are), then at some point you will want these projects.

Maybe not today, maybe not next week, and that’s fine.

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See you on the other side.

Joey Xoto

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PS: Ultimately, this choice is yours to make, but I’ll say this:

If your end goal is to dominate Facebook, YouTube or wow friends and clients with high converting sales videos... the kind that give you a licence to print money 24/7... then there’s no better feeling than being able to do it with TOTAL CONFIDENCE in your abilities.

And the fastest, most efficient way to do that, is by applying what you learn throughout this Lightspeed course.


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