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Use This “Yeah... Duh!” Video Hack To Grab Customer & Client Attention, Fast.

Viddyoze Black Edition

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Your account is being set up right now, and it’ll be ready in a few minutes. You’ll get an e-mail when it’s good to go.

But how about we don’t wait, and get started on your training right now? Because this quick video hack will make sure you fly out of the gates like a bat out of hell.


A Successful Video Needs To Do 3 Things, And ONLY 3 Things


Attract the attention of your audience


Keep their attention riveted to your marketing message


Transform that attention into concrete action in the form of leads and sales

Attention, Transformation, Action.

That’s what you want. It’s what your customers and fans want. It’s what your future clients are crying out for.

Fade to Black opens up a treasure trove of advanced video techniques for creating mind-blowing videos.

Including, one of our favourite ways to get an EXPLOSIVE START, with videos guaranteed to GRAB THE FULL ATTENTION of your audience.


Use This ONE SIMPLE HACK To Start Attracting & Transforming Attention Into Customers, Clients, Fans, And Profits, TODAY!

It’s so simple that, if doesn’t get said, it gets overlooked.

LOOK at the two videos below and ask yourself which one is more likely to grab your attention?

This one?

Or this one?

You can SEE how much stronger the animated video is even though, it’s the exact same content!

An intro.

Some well-placed animations.

And a call to action.

That’s all it takes to transform an average video into a video that puts an attention-stranglehold on anyone in your niche lucky enough to see it.


...But Not All Animations Are Created Equal. Only A Select Few Will Work.

Be careful not to go over the top when you’re using animations.

Some people think more is better. So they use animations all of the time. But too many will actually harm your conversions.

Don’t worry. You won’t be one of those people. Fade to Black won’t let you go down that road.


You Only NEED 4 Animations To Turn Attention Into Action

The good news is... you’ve already got the Fade to Black course. So you’re going to know exactly how to use the very best animations.

Better still... you’ll be able to combine them with a ton of advanced Fade to Black tactics and that’s going to grab you so much attention you’ll be able to close your Tinder account!

Even better... you only need to master 4 types of animation.

Logo Stings

Create a high-impact intros that locks up viewer attention tighter than Fort Knox, while embedding your brand identity deep into your prospects’ subconscious.

Lower Thirds

Give viewers subtle cues, important information, and even explicit calls to action... all while keeping them engaged and nodding their heads during every second of your video.


Are the secret sauce for taking average footage and transforming it into a video that keeps your viewers on the hook the very end.


Allow you to end every video with a flourish that inspires immediate action in the form or shares, comments, subscriptions, and most of all... SALES!


But WAIT... Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Buy Animations!

There are a lot of good animators out there, but the best ones are booked solid and often take a very long time to deliver.

And they’re expensive.

At a minimum you can expect to be paying $80-100/hr which might buy you a single decent animation. That eats into your video profits in a big way.


But don’t worry about that – we’ve got an app that been helping people create world class animations for the past 3 years.

And we’re doing something special with it - exclusively for NEW Fade to Black members.

Fade to Black Member Exclusive


Viddyoze was originally developed so everyday marketers, with zero design experience, could create world class animations in 3-clicks.

It became the world’s most successful internet marketing start up.

Now, to commemorate the launch to Fade to Black, and make sure you get the fastest possible start, we’ve created a very special edition of Viddyoze just for you.

The Viddyoze: Black Edition includes 15 exclusive templates that complement the Fade to Black method perfectly.


These are the exact same templates Joey Xoto uses in his videos to make them POP! The Joey Xoto Way.

So, when Joey says to use a “logo stinger” or a “lower third” you’ve got the same one he uses, ready and waiting. It really doesn’t get any easier.

Plus, you won’t have to line the pockets of animators with hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars, because you too will be able to quickly create world class animations in 3 easy clicks.


Win Attention And Inspire Action In 3 Clicks With These Pixel Perfect “Fade to Black” Animations.

Cinematic Intros

Every Fade to Black video you make will benefit from the jaw-dropping cinematics in these logo stings, and your brand-recognition will be catapulted into the big leagues.

Amazing Lower Thirds

Create ongoing engagement and subtle sales cues on all your Fade to Black videos while keeping your viewers’ attention stuck to your marketing message like white on rice.

Seamless Transitions

Transitions like these are the secret sauce of many high performing video. Use what you learn in the Fade to Black course to create the kind of seamless video and vlog experience that leads to outright social media domination.

Awesome Outros

Attention is everything... even when it’s gone!

Finish every Fade to Black video with style and make sure your message is heard, your brand in remembered, and your call of action is acted on.

Did You Know Viddyoze: Black Edition Could Easily Pay For Itself (And Then Some) In 3 Clicks?


These 15 animations are going to make your Fade to Black videos look a lot better, a lot quicker.

So good, in fact, that you’ll be able to start selling them to clients immediately.

To help make that a reality, we’ve included the Full Commercial Rights in the Viddyoze: Black Edition.

Which means you get to sell individual animations too.

You’ve already seen people charging $80-$100/per hour!

And people pay it, happily.


Because entrepreneurs and businesses don’t have the time, the skillset or the software to make their own animations. But with Viddyoze: Black Edition... YOU DO.

You can make top-class animations in 3 clicks!

So, what’s to stop you running a permanent ‘cut price offer’ of $60 per animation ($20/click!) and carving out a profitable little side hustle?

Over 100,000 People Use Viddyoze To Get The Fast Engagement Their Business Needs

An Exclusive Onetime Advantage For New Fade to Black Members

Over 100,000 people trust Viddyoze to build their business every day, and we love every one of them.

As a Fade to Black Member, we’re giving you something extra special.

That’s why we’ve made the 15 templates you get in the Viddyoze Black Edition 100% EXCLUSIVE to Fade to Black members.

Not even existing Viddyoze members can access these incredible cinematic templates, unless they are sitting here looking at the same limited, one-time deal as you.


Stunning Videos. Faster Engagement. Quicker Profits.


If you want to quick start your Fade to Black success with fast, easy – genuinely stunning cinematic videos, that leave your audience wanting more, and more, and MORE...

More engagement... more likes, shares, and subscribers... more comments.. more sales... more profits, more clients, customers, and fans.

You can unlock that ability TODAY...

And start building your audience WHILE you’re learning all the advanced tips and tricks in the Fade to Black course.

You can even start selling animations and charging $80-$100/hour!

Or you can let this special edition of Viddyoze – that’s been created especially for Fade to Black members – slip the net, never to be seen again.

So here’s the deal:

Viddyoze: Black Edition has no monthly subscription. It’s not for sale anywhere else, and it never will be.

This is for you, to help you find fast success with Fade to Black. And you can access it today for a small one-time price of just $47.

Click the button below now and Viddyoze: Black Edition will be added to your order.

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